Freightliner Sprinter

Randall S. has lived and worked in the greater Charleston, South Carolina area for many, many years. Over this time, he has seen the community he loves go through many ups and downs. Throughout the good times and the rough times, he has striven to provide quality plumbing services to anyone who needed it. Through the years, Randall has thrived by staying true to brands and businesses that have proved themselves to him. Freightliner is one of these brands, and hen it came time for Randall to purchase a new van for his business, he turned to the Freightliner Sprinter line of cargo vans.

Randall has survived and even thrived in these rough times by proving quality plumbing service to any type of home or business who needs him. To remain so flexible, Randall needed a van that gave him enough cargo space for whatever th job called for. The Freightliner Sprinter cargo van was just that kind of van. The interior maximizes every inch of usable space. This means that Randall can store supplies for businesses and residential homes, while still having room for those rare, once in a while larger jobs. Also, unlike other large cargo vans, the Freightliner Sprinter is easy to drive and a breeze for parking. Randall can get to any job as smoothly as regular sized car, with all the additional cargo room and power one would expect from the Freightliner and Sprinter names. As the economy and business landscape changed, Randall is able to roll with each change without having to change his business greatly.

Like the world as a whole, Randall knew that cargo vans could experience ups and downs. Since cargo vans were meant to be put to work, he knew that he would need a van with consistent quality that could survive the ringer he would put it through. Luckily, Freightliner is a name known throughout the world for their quality, innovative design. Even more importantly, it is a name known to Randall personally, since many of his personal and work vans have been Freightliner through the years. The key to this consistency is the revolutionary design. The engine provides serious power under the hood, making repairs and lock-ups rare for a cargo van. Throughout the rest of the van, the Freightliner Sprinter’s design offers a smooth ride that can handle whatever is thrown at it. The sturdy design means that Randall can ride without having to worry about an accident.

In terms of both base price and fuel efficiency, the Freightliner Sprinter has also managed to save Randall a great deal of money in these tumultuous times. From it’s stream-lined design to the powerful, cutting edge engine, the Freightliner Sprinter has helped Randall weather the gas pump spikes better than all of his competitors, guaranteeing that he will survive to work another day. To sweeten the deal, Randall was able to work with his local Freightliner Sprinter dealer to get the best possible initial price.

No matter what tomorrow brings, Randall’s customers know that he will be there to keep the power on them for their homes and businesses. Likewise, Randall knows that the Freightliner Sprinter will be there for him, giving him everything he needs to survive and thrive for the long run.


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