Dodge Sprinter van

Times are tough all around. In today’s shaky economic climate, people throughout the country are finding themselves uprooted from their job and homes. A working family must be willing to go where the work is. When Gilbert G. found out that he had lost his job, he was understandably devastated, not just for himself but for his young family. Fortunately, he was able to find work quickly. Unfortunately, the job was across the state, in the growing community of North Charleston, South Carolina. While the community was an attractive destination for his growing family, Gilbert was deeply concerned with the process of moving his family simply and safely.

Gilbert crunched the numbers and soon found out that hiring a moving company was an impractical use of his limited funds. Luckily for him, Gilbert struck upon a novel idea: his growing family was in the market for a new car anyway, so why not get a van that could help his family move? After doing extensive online research and consulting with friends and family, Gilbert settled on the Dodge Sprinter van for his family’s move.

The first thing that attracted Gilbert to the Dodge Sprinter was the smooth, sleek design. Since the van would be used by his wife Caroline after the move, they needed a van that would handle like the sedan’s she was used to. Both Gilbert and Caroline found that the Dodge Sprinter handled smoothly in all road conditions, from highways to suburban streets. Both parents knew that their two young children would be fussy and in constant need of attention during the long moving process, so the last thing they needed to worry about was handling a car too big for your average driver. Fortunately, the easy Dodge Sprinter ride made their cross state move seem like a smooth Sunday drive.

While the bigger furniture would be shipped professionally in one large load, Gilbert needed a van that could the rest of their belonging in as few trips as possible. Fortunately, the Dodge Sprinter van uses every inch to the fullest, giving the maximum amount of cargo space while still leaving plenty of room for the comfort of both driver and passengers. This meant fewer trips would be required during the move, something that appealed to everyone involved.

With the multiple expenses associated with a new job and moving a family, Gilbert was always worrying about money. Fortunately, the Dodge Sprinter never factored into these concerns, since it is consistently priced competitively with other like sized vans. Gilbert was able to work with his local Dodge Sprinter dealer to find a monthly payment plan that fit his needs. To make the deal more attractive, Gilbert found that over time the van would save him money due to it’s remarkably fuel efficient engine. That engine, combined with the always reliable Dodge design, meant that the van would spend a minimal amount of time in the repair shop. This was a relief for the wallet, and for Gilbert’s piece of mind, since he would never have to be worried about breaking down on the side of the road during his long move.

When all was said and done, Gilbert and his family loved their moving experience, thanks to their Dodge Sprinter van. Hopefully, they will be able to love their Dodge Sprinter in day to day life, with no more moves in their future.


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